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Originally Opened in 2004, True Grounds rooted itself in Ball Square offering the community fresh homemade baked goods, healthy sandwiches & salads and quality coffee & teas. Baked fresh every morning, our pastries are a Somerville favorite and our weekend goodies are sought after throughout Boston. Our baked goods, paired with only the best, locally roasted coffee, you have an unbeatable combo.

Almost everything we serve is made from in house processes. From breads to sauces, spreads, syrups, and more, almost all of our ingredients are crafted and produced in house. If we can’t make it in house, we purchase our ingredients locally and everything we use is high quality.

Shortly after opening, the cafe was selected as one of the top 10 coffee houses in the nation by USA Today putting Somerville as the only city not nationally recognized such as Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, etc. Recently, we’ve been featured in  Boston Magazine & the Boston Globe and we’ve got our sights set on a James Beard award in the future.

In the coming months, you can expect to see online ordering, evening hours (5-9pm) with a dinner menu, and community driven events such as poetry slams, trivia, board game nights, music, and more. If you like us now, know, we’re just getting started..

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